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The Harrison Roundup Club schedules a trail ride nearly every month of the year in the beautiful Buffalo River National Park.   The schedule includes our annual 100 mile journey to Springdale, AR from Harrison, AR every June.  You can ride for the day or come on some of the overnight campout rides.  See some of the greatest sights created by mother nature on horseback.

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2021 HRC Trail Ride Schedule  **Call Before You Haul**

Shorty Ozier 870-741-1623    Rick Grattan 870-715-2383   Shari Ricketts 870-715-2857     

Ted Spears 417-434-3238   B. Gierman 870-423-8874  Larry Graddy 870-365-8091

2021 Trail Ride Schedule (print)




Feb 13

9:30 am

Pruitt Down River  park at canoe launch parking lot

Mar 20

9:30 am

Compton Trail Head Pancake Breakfast @ Compton School 7-9am

Apr 24

9:30 am

Carver Down River par at Carver campground

May 15

9:30 am

Ponca Bridge – Steel Creek Ride  parking at Ponca Bridge parking lot

Jun 5

9:30 am

65 Bridge Down River  parking at Shine Eye Road parking lot

Jul 24

6:00 pm

Pruitt Up River/Moonlight Ride

Aug 14

9:30 am

Carver Down River

Sept 11

9:30 am

Pruitt Down River

Oct 9

9:30 am

Erbie Horse Camp

Nov 6

9:30 am

Woolum  turn at St. Joe, AR & follow signs to Woolum

Dec 4

9:30 am

Erbie Horse Camp



Under Arkansas law, an equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities. HISTORY: Acts 1991, No. 103, 2; Amended in 1995.